“Recently I discovered new objects for, these objects are: mould, moss, mushrooms, seaweed and have come to inspire and motivate me. I became aware of their beauty only when I started taking macro photographs. It caught my attention because of the pattern and the rich colour, but mostly how its being treated by people. As soon as people find mould in their houses they try to remove it, because it harm their lives, it destroy their houses, and its not appropriate place for mould, moss and mushrooms to be. I want to bring them back to life, give a chance to these objects to exist in human lives without causing any problems.

By the use of the camera and digital skills I can capture the transformation of an object and show the beauty of it. I found it very exciting transforming something ‘ugly’ and dangerous into something that can be called art. Nature already created the pieces of art, my desire is to show the beauty of it in more suitable and appropriate way.”